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Picture of myselfNathan Zucker

 Nathan was born in New York and moved to Israel in 1984.  After graduating from Hartman High School in 1990, Nathan was drafted into the the Israel Defense Forces and began his service as a cadet in the prestigious Israeli Air Force Academy.  Unfortunately, after breaking his foot he was removed from the course and ended up as a Company Sargent to the best officer he had ever met, (then) Brigadier General Gabi Ashkenazi.  Nathan went on to Serve over a year and a half (out of three)in Lebanon.

   After being  Honorably Discharged, Nathan returned to the United States to begin his college education, attending the Ohio State University, majoring in Aviation Engineering. While at Ohio State Nathan competed with the Ohio State University Flight Team, SAE cargo plane design team and the AGATE research project, winning awards in each.  In 1996 The OSU AGATE team won the Best retrofit design from NASA.  The AGATE was one of the partners with Cirrus design that led to the SR20 and SR22 aircraft. In 1999 Nathan was awarded the CFI candidate of the Year from the Ohio State University. 

   After instructing at Ohio State for three years, Nathan returned to New York to be closer to family.  In 2003 he became the chief pilot of AirShares Elite NY and helped the company grow exponentially to become AirShares Mid Atlantic.  In 2006 Nathan started working at Correct Aviation in Ft Lauderdale FL and shortly thereafter became Chief Pilot there as well.  Nathan is currently the Chief Pilot for Platinum Aviation, a Cirrus Training and Service center in Ft Lauderdale.


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